by Mirth

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The Birth of Mirth


released October 5, 2016

John Zebley: guitar / vocals
Brendan Butler: bass
John Troegner: drums

All songs written and performed by Mirth
Recorded / produced / recorded & mixed by John Zebley at Catalyst Audio, Portland, ME.
Photography by Joshua Going



all rights reserved


Mirth Portland, Maine

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Track Name: Basement Window
peering out of a basement window
these are the bars of the buildings that i call home

verse 1
weathered the rain and snow
oh yes she did ohhh
and I hope that I don't get
a postcard from a kid that I'll never know

now you're saying, now you're saying,
now you're telling me it's not what it used to be

verse 2
look at you with intentions jet black
whispering words of a siren "are you coming back?"
if you look in the clouds
you'll see me suspended now
but thank you so much
for telling me all I needed to know

choose between the lesser of two
evils that you gave your heart to
never gaining what you sought out after
compromise the ground you stand on
Track Name: Bird's Feet
sidle up to my shirtsleeve
like I was hoarding the air you breathe
pin my shoulder to the concrete
for you to perch upon with birds feet

I can see your silhouette moving through
the cracks of a picket fence
you could say most anything with a gesture but
you prefer to weave a new web

break the ice with a story
breaking bread with a petty thief
pin my shoulder to the concrete
for you to perch upon with birds feet

so we cast out a line for the liars
that could pierce a serpentine tongue
diffusing suspicion, you're acting overly concerned
is the 50ft man who keyed your car still at large?

bridge (intro riff)
make small talk until
the cavalry arrives
nervous laughter that
used to be genuine

another poorly written story
eyes are rolling now aplenty
pin my shoulder to the concrete
for you to perch upon with birds feet (x3)

if you extended an empty hand
i might as well fill it up
but now it's red x2

Now don't come back inside
we can pretend none of this ever happened
I'm so sorry you're a bastard child
who only wants to be spoken to
gang - just say you'll leave (overlap)

make things as right as you can
if you think you still a man
you're barely a human being
gang - (there's a stranger in my house)

the treasure pile is shrinking from sight
everybody's too damn polite
to ask you to stop

but i just wish you'd look up and say, "oh god…"
Track Name: Comfortable Mirages
I used to think that everything beyond me was magic
now I know that I'm just a fool with a taste for realness
feels like everyone I know is living in a dream
on some level

Why would it be worth waiting up for a well that's wet twice in a decade?
truth is it's not most days

I used to think that everything was created so unique
But it turns we might be just a shade of infinite parallel reality
I got a dozen existential problems
how do I know I burnt my toast

I used to think that everything ought to be overseen
Now I know we ought to quit all the rest of the tithees
we got rid of god, but we kept the state
hey, we got halfway
Track Name: Mutterings of an Abolitionist
I'm a leaky hose beneath a tidal wave
You're a sullen sigh inside a hurricane

knelt down in the bathroom
searching for the truth
shopping around for a paradigm
that's gonna wake me up and make me sound so refined

to know the fissures of our ramparts
there's invisible firearms
and they're pressed against our temples
few can even feel the cold of their metal

waiting on the human race to finish buffering
what a bittersweet circumstance to perceive
so store me in a cool dry place

broken record banshee
What I want, I'll never live to see
fittingly indignant to a terminal design
I want to be malignant but I feel so benign

a martyr in the right
In time is on the winning side
he does this cause its right
but maybe i just like the fight
Track Name: Flesh
tiny capsules hold
back the release we're told
simply inevitable

basement dwelling husband
pay your taxes, clean your guns
remember back when life was fun

discovered circa 1962
a likeness that's always haunted you
beliefs that keep grief hung around
like a jessica albatross

you're better than this

is this a joke in ill taste?
or declaration of disgrace
a generation overdue
you slowly crawled, prawn
now the man I knew is gone

Bursting naked through the family portrait

prechorus 2

thumbs in the eyes, blessing of the christ
showed up unannounced at a lover's doorstep

you're better than this
I've never been so scared, not in my entire life

call the cops he's on the run
androscoggin baptism
jump in the river to clear your name x2

Been a peculiar day, but I'm just glad that you're still here

you're better than this
I've never been so scared, not in my entire life